Battlefield House Museum
Address: 77 King Street West, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

Article Written by Daniel Cumerlato

Battlefield House, Stoney Creek, Ontario

The War of 1812 would seep into the backyards of anyone living within a reasonable distance from the border between the warring countries of the United States and British Canada.

The Gage's family who built and lived within the Battlefield House, would experience this starting on June 5th of 1813, when 3,500 invading American troops invaded Stoney Creek and took over the Gage home as their headquarters.

The family, including Mary Gage and her children, were locked in the basement and would be trapped down there as the Battle of Stoney Creek waged outside on June 6th of 1813.

The British troops, resting at Burlington Heights (current day location of the Hamilton Cemetery), were approached by a 19 year-old boy named Billy Green. Billy knew all about the American encampment, information he learned from his brother-in-law Isaac.

The British soldiers planned a night attack led by Billy Green. 700 British troops under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel John Harvey managed to defeat the Americans with an amazing night campaign which lasted about 40 minutes. The British reclaimed Stoney Creek and the Gage family was set free.

Hundreds died on the battlefield that night, making it one of the most pivotal, and bloodiest, battles of the war.

The Ghost of Mary Jones Gage

There are no eye witnesses to the ghost(s) of Battlefield House, but that doesn't stop the activity from happening.

Mary Jones Gage is believed to be the only one that remains, to watch over her house, and stir up the energy every now and again.

Battle of Stoney Creek

The antiques will go missing around the house, causing the staff to panick for days. The panick then stops when the items are found in another room. This room was checked many times previous, yet the items are only found on that specific day, as if just placed in the room. Only antiques once belonging to Mrs. Gage are moved around.

She is blamed for electrical issues especially affecting a vacuum cleaner and the computers.

Mary Jones Gage Disappears

Why does she remain so active in the house, or at unrest?

Mrs. Mary Jones Gage is gone... as in her physical body. Her remains were located in a small cemetery beside the First United Church near current day Main Street and Victoria. The church burned down in 1969. Mary's coffin and headstone were set to be moved along with a few other early settlers, set to be relocated to the Woodland Cemetery in Burlington. The worker's arrived one morning to find a coffin and headstone were missing, stolen from the worksite! This was the coffin and stone of Mary Jones Gage.

Today The First Place apartment tower stands where the church was located.

Psychic Impression of Battlefield House

A psychic/sensitive once toured the house and then reported back to us her impressions.

She was quite disturbed by an energy of sheer violence located in a front bedroom on the second floor.

She also sensed a strong willed ghost roaming the house. The psychic was unaware of Mary Gage when going in, and we believe her to be said ghost.

Also, children are still in the house. Matches the history as over 26 Gage kids called Battlefield home.

And of course, there's the high energy on the battlefield itself! Many, many reports have been made of soldiers. They've been seen walking across the field as if marching into battle. Sounds of cannon fire can be heard happening in the distance.

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