2016 Halloween Gala

The 2016 Halloween Gala

The strangest dance party is back! A night dedicated to you ~ the villainously twisted and creative folks who love everything ghosts and Halloween.

All inside the heart of Halloween in Hamilton
Grand ballroom of the mysterious and haunted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry!

Halloween Gala Costume Photos

This year we're so excited to present
"Family Greed", a MURDER MYSTERY featuring the actors and actresses of The Ghost Walks and written by founder Daniel Cumerlato (author Old Man Young Parlour Theatre)

And don't forget...

  • NEW! Full video dance party now featuring the best retro, modern and Halloween from Hamilton's MAD Productions
  • A delicious cold buffet presented by The Scottish Rite
  • Chance at many prizes!

It's all about you...
It's the night you've being preparing for all year
Dress as whatever you want. We love original homemade costumes. Be creative, original, shocking... and you could walk away with a prize.

$2,500 worth of prizes handed out for...

  • Best Costume
  • Best Couple
  • Most Unique
  • Most Disturbing
  • NEW! Sexiest Man Costume
  • NEW! Sexiest Woman Costume
  • NEW! Biggest Nerd in the room
  • NEW! Best character from a Stephen King book/movie
  • NEW! Crowd's Choice

Time to give back
Have fun and give! Support a charity dear to us
This year $5 of each ticket sold & the proceeds of a special on-site silent auction
will all go to support The Arthritis Society

Arthritis Society

4 Queen Street South
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Scottish Rite

Night's Itinerary...

  • 7:30p You're announced ~ Step into the ballroom in style
  • 8:15p "Family Greed" a Murder Mystery ~ feat. entertainment
  • 8:45p Let's Party ~ Full Video Dance Party begins
  • Clock strikes Midnight ~ Time for the prizes

  • Saturday, October 29, 2016
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