Ghost Bus Tours of Hamilton

Explore Hamilton like never before! This comfortable bus tour of the city features ghosts and dark history not covered on any Ghost Walk.

Stops for stories outside haunts like Dundurn Castle, Auchmar Mansion, Century Manor Insane Asylum, Stoney Creek Battlefield House, Tivoli Theatre and more!

Also a missing corpse, voodoo, the mob body dumping ground, lost love and suicide, soldiers, a skeleton in a trunk and even a mummified cat. Everything you'd expect from the ambitious city.

SPECIAL NOTE :: The Ghost Bus Tours of Hamilton will not return in 2017

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Highcliffe Ave & Concession st
Hamilton Mountain, On, Canada

General . . . $25.00


  • Last of Foreseeable Future!
    Saturday October 15, 2016
  • Available at 4:00pm
  • Full at 6:30pm
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Ghost Bus Tours Hamilton Wheelchair accessible

Frequently Asked Questions ~ Ghost Bus Tours of Hamilton

Hamilton is a haunted city. There are so many ghost stories we have 4 Ghost Walks and a Dark History tour to cover it all. The Ghost Bus Tours were invented to cover the hard-to-find, extra haunts of the city. Infamous ghost breeding grounds like Century Manor Insane Asylum, Albion Falls, Stoney Creek's Battlefield, Dundurn Castle and many in between.

Daniel of the Ghost Walks leads you through a tour of his city, featuring many ghosts through visits, pictures and video.

Frequently Asked Questions...

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