Hamilton Place Theatre
Address: 10 Macnab Street South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Article Written by Daniel Cumerlato

Hamilton Place, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Hamilton Place Theatre, our biggest live theatre venue, was part of a complex dreamt in the 1950’s, and started in the 1970’s. The original plans called for a theatre, convention centre, art gallery and our very own science centre. As you may know, the science centre was cut due to financial restraints.

The other 3 buildings were constructed, including Hamilton Place Theatre.

Internationally known for its acoustics, the theatre was built with a mission to give the person in the back row the same experience as the one in the front.

The auditorium is a separate structure floating on high-density foam with American brick (known for its acoustic abilities). There are thousands of little speakers behind seats to broadcast the sound throughout the grand theatre.

A claim to worldwide fame comes from comedian Bill Cosby, who recorded his stand-up special, called Bill Cosby: Himself, at Hamilton Place in 1983.

Haunted Theatres

When we say Hamilton Place is haunted, many react in the same manner, “How can something so new be so haunted?” The answer… theatres are a different animal in the paranormal.

If you believe in the idea of energy, and how a buildup of this energy through happiness, sadness and tragedy, can cause a place to be haunted, then all theatres should be haunted. Imagine the energy from the constant and large crowds coming into a confined space to all experience the same emotions at the same time.

This energy would light a place up like a candle to the other side, causing the few true ghostly events to be enhanced.

The Real Orb

This enhancement would be experienced by a young girl visiting Hamilton Place at night with her friend. Her friend was a stage manager for a show starting the next day. After watching him tape the stage for an hour, she got bored and wandered the building at night.

She ended up in the basement. The basement of Hamilton Place is a maze, built to connect the 3 buildings so nothing ever needs to be transferred on street level. If you didn’t know your way around, you will get lost, and that’s what happened to the young girl.

She walked and turned corners to see hallways that all the look the same, walking lost down there for over an hour. She looked at her cell phone again to see there’s still no signal. The girl thought she would die in that basement.

She collapsed to the floor, put her head in her hands and started to cry.

Then the energy around her changed, as if it got thicker, as if someone was there. She looked up to see a light coming down the hallway towards her. Her first thought was, “It’s a security guard, or my friend” holding a flashlight, coming to save her.

As the light got closer she would see for the first time that there was nobody standing behind the light. It came right up to her and stopped… an orb, a ball of energy. Most of us would get up and run the other way, but try to understand her mindset. She thought she would die down there.

The light moved away, and then back. She felt the need to follow it. The light would lead her through the hallways, to a closed door and disappeared.

She opened the door to find herself back at the stage and her very worried friend on the other side.

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