Mark Twain House : Hartford, Connecticut
Address: 351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Article Written by Daniel Cumerlato


The Mark Twain House was home to the famous writer for 18 years. This was his final home before moving the family to Europe. He moved to escape hardships from bad investments. The family would return to Connecticut in 1900, where Twain lived out his final years before dying in 1910.

Mark Twain House, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

The Mark Twain House was the peak of his life and career. It was built for his family, and satisfied all their needs. This is where he penned Tom Sawyer.


The ghost of Susy Clemens, daughter of Samuel (aka Mark Twain), is said to still wander the house. She died in the house from sickness after the family left for Europe. Susy made the decision to stay behind, not knowing they would never meet again.

Cigar smoke has been smelled by guests. Knocks and bangs are heard from empty rooms. Employees at the museum have seen figures walking the hallways, but these ghosts are never solid enough to identify.

The battle between sceptics who respect the author and the paranormal enthusiasts didnít deter TVís Ghost Hunters from visiting in 2009.

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