How to use the Ouija Board

A guide to the safe use of this ancient device by Daniel Cumerlato

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What is a Ouija Board?

Today it's a paranormal communication device currently marketed and sold by the game company Hasbro, as a board game. Historically, it is method used to talk with the dead, having its roots in automatic writing. This form of automatic writing would start over 900 years ago in China.

The modern Ouija uses a board with letters to spell out words, Yes/No for direct questions and even numbers. It uses a Planchette device (the pointer shaped like an upside-down heart) to communicate. The modern board also has a dark reputation of causing negativity for those who use it. It has been linked with possession, violence and even death, however how much of that is true, and how much is public paranoia.

Much of the fear of the board seems to resonate from the movie The Exorcist: the story of a young girl being possessed by a demon. The movie hints that the possession was caused by a girl taking the drug Ritalin and using the Ouija Board alone. The movie itself was fiction, however is based on a true story, and even though it's unknown if the real "Regan" the movie is based on even used a Ouija, the belief still remains.

I'm not trying to say the Ouija is without danger, because that would be an untrue statement. It can cause you problems of a spiritual nature. In my years of experience and study with the board (starting over a decade ago in 1997), the worst, and proven cases fall into the category of invitation and "possession".


Invitation is the inviting of negative forces into your space. This will cause places you were once comfortable in, to become uncomfortable and cause you nervous stress. Nobody knows for sure what this energy is, whether you call it a ghost or demon, just that it can be strong and invasive and can ruin your day.

It could be a buildup of negative energy from the outside, or the other side... or even a build up of living energy from the participants of the Ouija session. Either way it is a real danger with the use of the Ouija Board.


No, not what you're thinking! I don't mean the possession that happened to poor Regan in the movie The Exorcist, but instead a conflict of energies. This is where that same outside negative energy invited in by the Ouija doesn't focus on the surrounding space, but instead the energy of the team themselves.

It could be that some of this outside energy has a magnetic effect with certain people, depending on the energy they carry. Vulnerable, sad and angry people seem to be affected the most, and on one occasion I was witness to a specific gender and age group (living young girls affected by the energy of an angry young girl spirit).

The worst of these situations does not include pea soup, a spinning head, or death... but instead slight sickness. All of the "possessed" have felt nauseous for a small period of time after the session was over. The affected might vomit, and then when getting away from the session the feelings will dissipate and pass.

The Ouija Board is not, in this man's opinion, a tool of the devil, but instead a communication device that has it's roots in the most ancient methods of energy manipulation, for better understanding of the "other side", and the unseen energies that surround us.

The Big 3 Rules of Ouija:

The Ouija Board

These are the top 3 rules that have protected me, and all of the people I've lead through Ouija sessions over the years. They encompass many different factors of known and unknown dangers, and I believe are the root of every safe communication.

    This is where you're at rest, where you sleep, when you’re most vulnerable to negative energies that might be invited during the session. The session can happen outside, in your backyard, in an already haunted place, or anywhere else where people do not lay their heads at night.

    Because this is not a game, it's a serious tool that manipulates the natural energies of people and the world around us. This might sound like a weak statement, it's not! Being serious ensures all subconscious natural human defenses are active when communicating with the dead.

    There is a beginning to the session therefore there must be an end for balance. It could be that our natural energies affect the results of the session, including fighting off negative forces invited in. Saying Goodbye is pushing away the energies that were created with the session and can help cap it, through combined positive force of all participants. If the spirit is being stubborn, force the Planchette goodbye.

The Ouija Session - Communicate with the Dead:

Important factors of a successful Ouija Board session include...


You should have 3 to 4 people touching the Planchette at the same time for a successful Ouija Board session. The sole purpose of this method of automatic writing is to combine the energies of multiple people to create the psychic energy needed to invite in spirits. Those who are sensitive and psychic can use the Ouija alone, or with only one or two people, because their energy is heightened. However, for us regular folks (including myself), the combined energy is a must.

Roles are to be assigned to the participants...


It's important to setup white candles for 3 reasons...

  1. White candles are a symbol of protection and energy, and are thought to help fight against negative energy.
  2. Low light is ideal for the Ouija session because psychics have commented that spirit energy seems to thrive in the dark - candles are a great mix of light and dark.
  3. The flame is a focal point and lure for spiritual energy, that can also be used as a subtle way for the energy to affect physical things, such as... “Spirit, if you’re really here, make the candle flame move to the left”.


The spirits being summoned by the Ouija session is working with the energies of everyone in the group. This means focus is important to a successful session. If one person is not fully in tuned to the board, or calm (and patient), then the message(s) coming through can be slow and confusing.

Focus on the summoned energy that's moving the Planchette and nothing else. The team should not change their train of thought during communication.

And never, ever, finish the word or sentence verbally before the Planchette is done spelling things out unless you're 100% sure it's right. You'll see the confusion in the Planchette, throw of the energy of the group, and sometimes cause the session to end.


Here is a quick step-by-step guide to starting the Ouija Board session...

  1. Setup a quiet room or location where you will not be disturbed
    The Ouija session should never be interrupted because breaking the connection can cause significant delays and negative energy.
  2. Be comfortable
    Be seated at a table where the Ouija Board is at arm level so you don't have to lean or bend your arms at awkward angles. Being uncomfortable or in pain can cause problems with communication because the energy is not positive.
  3. If the Planchette remains boringly still ~ try luring a spirit with the following…
    “Spirit, this is a safe place. We only wish to communicate with you, ask you questions and learn from you. Please come through and talk with us for a while." Make sure everyone in the team is comfortable and calm. If still nothing... try changing the team members around, or remove any people who are uncomfortable or stressed.
  4. If the Planchette still doesn't move... walk away, pop some popcorn, and watch a movie from our Top Scariest Movies List.


However, if the Planchette is moving, then it's time to learn about the energy in the room.

Some of the things to ask for...

Or anything else you think might be important. A Ouija Board session is like an interview. Pretend to be Larry King or George Stroumboulopoulos, but with dead people. Ask lots of questions and lead the conversation at all times. There will be times when the spirit cuts in with it's own, unexpected information. This is rare, but amazing!

It's basically anything that keeps the spirit talking but remember to Focus!

Long sessions (over 15-20 minutes) can be difficult because of our modern society's lack of attention, so stick to shorter sessions so no one in the team gets bored, unintentionally lowering the energy in the room, or inviting in the negative.


As Big Rule #3 says, always say Goodbye!

Hopefully you'll never know the feeling of drawing a strong and negative energy into your space. If it does happen, the spirit(s) will not want to leave and the energy around you will become heavy and uncomfortable, causing a constant anxiety in your chest. This makes it difficult to fully close a session, and is also a reason for Big Rule #1 (not in your home).


This happened to me during a session at the former Haunted Hamilton Shop on James Street South in Downtown Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Our session was going fine until something entered the space. We could actually feel it, even though none in the group claimed to be sensitive or psychic.

The Planchette stopped moving and the room became cold, the air was heavy. We were getting paranoid, feeling like there was something looking at us from the dark corners, including behind a nearby curtain. We tried to end the session, but the Planchette refused to move.

In the end we forced the Planchette down to Goodbye, however something from that session remained. I remember feeling watched as we left the shop that night.

The next day the feeling in the shop seemed to be back to normal. But it was okay because we were in a haunted shop, a welcoming place for all ghosts!

If this happens to you...

  1. Force the Planchette down to Goodbye
  2. Pick it up and smack it down on the board, which should break the connection
  3. Focus on the white candle, and flame, to calm yourself.

The best method is to be proactive. If a spirit is getting angry or insulting (swearing or threatening) … END THE SESSION.

Saying goodbye before the negative spirit gets up a head of steam will usually work.

Article Written by Daniel Cumerlato


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