Ouija Nights of the Full Moon

Ouija Nights of the Full Moon

Use the Ouija Board inside a haunted place under the full moon
The rule, "Never use a Ouija Board in your home". Then use it in a haunted building
under a full moon.

Your host Daniel has over 15 years experience with Ouija communication. Every method
tried and tested for best results.

This night features...

  • Experiences & stories
  • Safely use of the Ouija tracked by a documenter and EVP
  • Speciality Ouija Boards created for this event
  • Assistance from a local psychic-sensitive

The Ouija is an ancient divination tool with roots in generations old Chinese automatic writing. Today it's the most accurate way to contact spirits with the living energy of multiple people.

This is the Ouija we know, and what we'll introduce to you.

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Haunted Places

Built in 1823

Constructed out of a 1700's structure after a tragic fire. Later became the Union Hotel in 1870. Has been a pub under different names for over 120 years.


In Ontario's 3rd oldest town

Founded by loyalists in 1700's, only Kingston and Niagara-on-the-Lake are older. Known for the Bloody Assize executions and the Hermitage Ruins



Footsteps heard from the second floor as staff is closing up. We will use these nights to gather more info about the spirits.

Pheasant Plucker Restaurant, 20 Augusta Street, Hamilton

Built in the 1850's

An original garrison house for the Gore District. Home to a musician in the late 1800's.


Was a home until the 1930's before becoming a business.



Experiences surround former occupants such as...


The Old Man, a boy heard from the basement, other children and an active woman with red hair seen on the second floor (location of Ouija Night).


Searching Availability...



Searching Availability...

  • Coach & Lantern, Ancaster
  • Fri Jun 9 ~ 8:30pm until 10:30pm

  • Pheasant Plucker, Hamilton
  • Sun Jul 9 ~ 8:30pm until 10:30pm
Ouija Nights of the Full Moon Ouija Nights of the Full Moon Ouija Nights of the Full Moon Ouija Nights of the Full Moon

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